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AFTER its premiere at last year's Liverpool Comedy Festival, Slappers and Slapheads returns to the city.
He does a good,if not very taxing, turn as the DJ with the habit of putting his foot in his mouth -and got a laugh from the audience when he insulted all the ugly,fat slappers in the crowd before realising his microphone was turned on.
F-Secure's Global Slapper Information Center provides regularly updated information on the worm and numbers of infected servers categorized by the top-level domain.
One thing Ramsay wants you to get is his defence: "If I was going to cheat it wouldn't be with a complete slapper.
Adidas, on the other hand, can't be too happy either about the appearance of a rather careworn boot called Trisha, AKA The Auld Slapper, Rooney's pounds 45-an-hour tart who's a 48-year-old gran with 7 kids.
Hebert was defenseless as well in preventing Pierre Turgeon's third- period goal, but Chris Pronger's slapper that was the final tally with 2:24 left to play was, perhaps, the only bad goal Hebert has allowed in two games.
The Slapper is representative of the new breed of worms and viruses as it is as much an attack tool as it is a quickly spreading worm.
GIRLS Aloud babe Sarah Harding has said she is fed up with being known as the slapper of the band.
I am just heartbroken and confused and boys think I am a wee slapper.