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Unraveling the Rogue, dismantling the geodesic dome, and slashing her way through late-modernist abstraction, Danluck paid tribute to Moog's and Fuller's projects while admiringly taking them apart.
The deficit will not sink the economy; slashing the deficit will - or at least it will sink those in the smallest boats.
Shai Dilbert was jailed for five years for slashing a 17-year-old boy's face outside Creams dessert lounge in Swanswell Street
McLean, 25, of Store Street, Stanley, Perthshire, admitted slashing the tyres several times.
Ambric is developing a new type of programmable integrated circuit (IC) platform that will help electronics companies accelerate time to market for their products while slashing chip development costs.
Janey was full term in her pregnancy and he was slashing the blade around as he chopped at my face.
The latest tyre slashing attacks happened in the Attleborough area.
AGUA DULCE - It was a fluke - almost a comical one - that led sheriff's deputies to the arrest this week of a man wanted after a machete slashing during an argument on a Canyon Country roadside, an investigator said Friday.
Equipment vendors use the Ikanos chipsets to develop end-to-end solutions for the Metro Fiber Extension (MFE), Multi-Tenant/Multi-Dwelling Unit (MxU) and Central Office/Remote Terminal (CO/RT) markets, while slashing time to market and lowering development, manufacturing, and inventory costs.
He is so furious he attacks her with a scalpel, slashing her face.
VANDALS who have been slashing tyres in Coventry may have struck again.