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at the Place Royale: façades of brick with stone corners, and slated roofs, tri-colored houses;--the Paris of Louis XIII.
But to return to the house: after he had pitched the roof of his innermost tent, he worked it up between the rafters with basket-work, so firm, and thatched that over again so ingeniously with rice-straw, and over that a large leaf of a tree, which covered the top, that his house was as dry as if it had been tiled or slated.
Because most of the slated roofs are getting on for, or even over 100 years old, you will find that they either have been replaced or are at the time when they should be replaced.
NBA STREET is slated to ship in summer 2001 under the EA SPORTS BIG brand.
Also slated for production this coming year is "Gravity" based on Tess Gerristsen's best seller and Tom Clancy's "Rainbow Six.
Madden NFL 2001 is slated for release on the above platforms and Nintendo(R)64 in fall 2000.