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Elsewhere in this volume the slanderous aspersion has been disproved, that the vocation of whaling is throughout a slatternly, untidy business.
Puzzled, Liberty finally meets his grandfather behind the big house in his "speculating shed," a slatternly hovel lined with shelves of "scientific" volumes on white supremacist ideology, from racialized Biblical accounts of human origins to Anglo Saxon race theory (232-35).
slatternly YouTube and MTV self-promoter Tila Tequila.
It is more natural insofar as there is something wildly uncontrolled about it: "Wild sleep has tossed aside the gray wool blanket and sheet and twisted her nightgown on her body so that it seems shameless and slatternly.
Geiger's sharp-witted body of work is characterized by a buoyant lightness and a seductive elegance: Past projects include felt carpets laid wall to wall, stacks of colorful terry-cloth towels, cardboard objects, couture for curators, Russian tanks encased in terry cloth, and a birthday paint job for the Secession Building (a slatternly "rouge vulgaire").
We must not allow our little girls to absorb slatternly lessons at the school.
Savery goes on to describe a slatternly woman buying tea and sugar,
Really, it's the slatternly maid who has taken up with GI's and brought George into the couple's life.
28) Yeats remembered that Lionel Johnson had complained of this attitude in Symons's poetry too, noting that he usually gave his readers 'the glaring gin-shop, the slatternly shivering woman, three dexterous stanzas telling you that and nothing more'.
Hoan, meanwhile, has gone back to live in the city, taking great care to continue to provide for Mien even while she's living as the wife of another man; it is his money that feeds not only Mien and Bon but Bon's slatternly sister and her urchin children as well.
Well, be sure my sins (or just slightly slatternly thoughts) would find me out.
The passage begins with a warning to chaste wives not to let themselves fall into slatternly ways because of the security they feel owing to their purely sexual virtue.