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The deformation and disruption of bedding pre-dated the development of the regional slaty cleavage, but post-dated the formation of the carbonate concretions (Jamieson et al.
Slaty said that that the new branch was not necessarily part of the bank's expansion plan, but it was decided to launch the branch as the bank saw an opportunity in the community.
The most characteristic phenomenon is shear slaty cleavage, which so far was often misinterpreted as bedding in sedimentary rocks.
Gorgeous birds, with striking black masks, slaty backs and peachy chests, for me they're more evocative than the first darting swallows that follow shortly after them.
The sites in Peninsular Thailand (Ak-1, Ak-2, Ak-3) are on a group of massive to thick bedded limestone, shale, slaty shale, and bedded chert of the same period.
In the units Gollon, Lavador, schists of Maranon Complex and slaty pelites (Contaya Formation) are found seams of quartz with Au contents.
And the great slaty woodpecker of Indonesia (Mulleripicus pulverulentus pulverulentus) is in serious trouble.
BRONZEN and SLATY, are color words in one sense even if not their primary sense.
Above us loom slaty canyons cut by the roaring river, though now the Yenisey lies quiet.
The behavior and ecology of the Slaty Antshrike on Barro Colorado Island, Panama Canal Zone.
TABLE 1 Soil Groups (5) Soil Group Parent material Chandler/Talledaga Hard talcose schist and mica schist Chester Micaceous schist; white quartzite present on uplands Edgemont Quartz schist, quartzitic sandstone, quartzite conglomerate, pure quartzite Glenelg/Chester Micaceous schists Hagerstown/Duffield Limestone Highfield Metabasalt with considerable quartzite Linganore Hard slaty schist or phyllite Manor/Glenelg Thin, platty schistose rock Myersville/Fauquier Metabasalt Penn/Readington/Croton Red, Triassic-age sandstone and shale