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Forest ecologist Utami Setiorini had worked with him on a study of Indonesia's great slaty woodpecker, so she joined the search party too.
But a trogon's natural instinct is to sit on a branch, deep inside the green-leafed tree with the berries & hold perfectly still & upright - its long slaty tail wavering ever so slightly in the breeze.
Development of Low-Cost Functional Geopolymeric Materials (Mazen Alshaaer, Faten Slaty, Hani Khoury, Hubert Rahier, and Jan Wastiels).
About 3 m above the contact, the Chain Rock member displays bedding that is deformed into a tight fold that produces strongly curved intersection lineations on the regional slaty cleavage, showing that the cleavage transects both limbs of the fold (Fig.
5lb from the Saltpans at Amble and Slaty Gut, Amble (not Whitley Bay).
Richie Ancel had the wind at his back at Slaty Gut at Tynemouth taking three cod for 6-6-2 for second place, with Dave Robinson in third with the second heaviest fish, a cod of 5-14-14 taken at Newbiggin.
The lithologies exposed in the mine workings comprise slaty phyllites, arkoses, greywackes and jaspilite ironstone bands.
The One-colored Becards' nest was located in the same tree as was used by a pair of Slaty Becards in 2006 (Gelis et al.
North of North River, the thrust faults cuts into the basement rocks of the Barachois River Metamorphic Suite, along a zone of highly foliated sheared gneiss, in which a pronounced slaty cleavage is developed.
1] folds with axial planar, slaty cleavage refolded by NNE-trending, open and overturned [F.
These early cleavages are not precursors to slaty cleavage, and are essentially ephemeral features, though they could provide another anisotropy on which later cleavages might nucleate.