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The extension complies with the original order of plan but does not follow slavishly the original architectural vocabulary.
Even if the consumer remembers slavishly to charge the battery each night and at each opportunity in an electrical connection, like a car, increased use can still cause battery failures.
And how much poorer would the nation be if its current affairs programmes were in the hands of, say, Fox News, which slavishly follows the political agenda of its owner.
Don't slavishly vote as you, your father and grandfather have always voted.
In his praise of Fidel Castro (pictured) he slavishly echoes the many Left-wingers who have claimed the title of utopia for socialist dictatorships - Stalinist Russia, Maoist China, Honecker"s East Germany and Mugabe's Zimbabwe.
The wise-cracking is slick enough but the gimmick of detective taking her pet dog with her everywhere and doting on it slavishly is simply irritating.
WHEN Rhodri Morgan speaks out about the "shambolic unholy trinity of Liberals, nationalists and Tories" who combine to successfully defeat Labour in the Assembly, is he not actually describing a cohesive group of politicians determined not to allow him and his ilk to slavishly follow the whims of their masters at Westminster in establishing the Assembly as a rump government of puppets?
I THINK actress Keira Knightley's new hairstyle really suits her face - which is more than can be said for most of the women who slavishly follow the trend for long straight hair, which certainly does not suit all faces.
That ability to separate himself from the ``Harry Potter'' phenomenon enabled Cuaron to make a movie that remains faithful to the spirit of Rowling's work without being slavishly devoted to it.
It's not ideal, you end up slavishly copying the details," he says.
Greenpeace leader Lord Melchett said: 'Worshipping slavishly and unthinkingly at the seat of every new scientific fad is more damaging to science than the healthy, questioning scepticism that most other countries show towards untried, unpredictable and uncontrollable technologies like GM food.
And whatever she does or wears they will copy slavishly.