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If previously he was eager to please, slavishness now has become an obsession.
Unfortunately the party's slavishness was not limited to propaganda; its own members, which is to say real people, often found themselves being run over by the train of history without so much as an audible gasp from the leaders of the CPUSA.
Said professor and poet Brendan Kennelly, "I think the noes are going to win, for this country has an ingrained conservatism bordering on slavishness.
Likewise, phenomena such as weakness, cowardice, failure, slavishness, poverty, commonness, being barbaric, ignorance, impurity and unrighteousness,(17) swarthiness and deceitfulness are "bad" because they are characteristics of "the bad" whom "the good" feel so far above.
SIR - Am I alone in thinking that there is a central issue of slavishness built into the Government of Wales Act?
With Envy, Caughey combines different modes, abstracting the domestic as much as domesticating the abstract, allowing sculpture to stand, amused, to the side of geometric presentness, tired psychomimetics, or pop slavishness.
Pelling's image, which impressionistically but effectively evokes one facet of the CPGB's predicament, is translated by Thorpe so that "almost slavish" becomes "the epitome of slavishness.
In 1982, the series profiling members of Congress was nearly pulled from scheduling because of its slavishness.
As the conclusion of the debate episode makes clear, there is, from Corrothers's perspective, an element of slavishness in the minstrel mask, a playing into the hands of white Americans on the part of the putative minstrel, and on the part of those in the African-American community who uncritically celebrate such works.
Slavishness to trends isn't in the least appropriate for gardens, which never stop evolving over time.
Their choices brought out hitherto unseeable mutual connections--in fact, the two artists ended up collaborating on their curated rooms--and showed just how dopey much curating's slavishness to "proper" art history is.