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But the "Odyssey" itself left much untold: what, for example, happened in Ithaca after the slaying of the suitors, and what was the ultimate fate of Odysseus?
Your slaying, ye judges, shall be pity, and not revenge; and in that ye slay, see to it that ye yourselves justify life!
An ex-convict was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison without the possibility of parole for the October 2003 slaying of a 76-year-old Littlerock man, who was bound and beaten in his home.
His claim to fame, slaying dragons, is the common thread that runs through the stories around his life and legacy.
In the first trail slaying, Carr's defense attorney claimed that witnessing a lesbian sex act provoked his client to kill.
Among the episodes included in the marathon are fan favorites "A Ghost of A Chance" and "Three Men And Adena" which closely paralleled the actual 1988 slaying of Latonya Wallace in Baltimore, Maryland.
MONTEREY PARK -- The handcuffs that hung on sheriff's Deputy David March's belt the day he was gunned down will be shackled around the slaying suspect's wrists this week when he is handed over to Los Angeles officials and charged with murder.
The brothers, who are charged in the 1999 slaying of a gay coupled near Redding, Calif.
Five subjects committed suicide after slaying the officers.
An ex-convict faces life in prison without possibility of parole after he was convicted in the October 2003 slaying of a 71-year-old Littlerock man, who was bound and beaten in his home.
PALMDALE -- A $2,000 reward was offered by the city of Palmdale for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the slaying of a 34-year-old Lancaster man, sheriff's officials said Saturday.
Neighbor Mike McCrea, a city firefighter, helps LAPD investigators bring out three dogs left unharmed at the scene of a triple slaying in the 17000 block of Stare Street in Northridge.