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Nearly three-quarters of the 178 countries in Transparency International's annual survey scored on the sleazier end of the scale, which ranges from zero (perceived to be highly corrupt) to 10 (thought to have little corruption).
There were more slow numbers, including Beautiful (originally performed with Pharrell Williams) and the sleazier grind of Sexual Eruption.
Then, the more I dug in, I came to love the sleazier, infinitely lush depth of B-noir.
It is the New Yorker's darker and sleazier sounds that showcase the Scissor Sisters at their rock star swaggering best.
Large implants, in my opinion, take the projects and the actors to a sleazier level.
Obama, his friends in the "mainstream media," and the sleazier blogs have hit Palin high and (most often) low, with bogus charges and ugly smears.
I've been voting for more than 40 years and I cannot remember a candidate running a sleazier, more misleading or lie-filled campaign than that being waged by Hillary Clinton.
Sants Rowl This very impressive game is even sleazier than the GTA titles.
PRIME Minister Tony Blair's government is regarded by the public as sleazier than John Major's Conservative government of the 1990s, according to a new poll.
I suggest that there is a group even sleazier and less trustworthy than this stellar duo .
Indeed, it'll probably make more sense on a second viewing, especially in terms of understanding deeper motivations but even so it works compellingly well as both Hitchcockian murder mystery and commentary on the sleazier, less public side of celebrity, where everyone involved appears to have their own dark secrets and hidden agendas.