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His errant Marie was touchingly portrayed by GunBrit Barkmin, Clive Bayley was chilling as the Doctor, and stand-in Hubert Francis scored a huge personal triumph as the sleazily seductive Drum-Major.
The young victim said he first realised he was at risk when the bogus cabbie stopped at traffic lights and sleazily asked him to get into the front of his vehicle.
The latter two are sleazily underclad in party attire most of the time, and they aren't real good with automatic weapons.
As you squeal and push him away, screwing your face up to show the sheer disgust and horror that you feel, he whispers sleazily, 'Oh come on, you know it was only a matter of time, you've been thinking about this as much as I have.
From the tacky sleeve shots to the sleazily suggestive lyrics of Vibe On, this is an album that's lewd, crude and lacking in any semblance of style.