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The phone conversations had stirred up a major controversy as the minister was allegedly caught in the act of making sleazy conversations with a woman.
He said that using a line like "You're really hot, come here" makes the women think that they guy is just being arrogant and plain sleazy, and they prefer guys who are upfront and confident.
The court heard how he made sleazy comments to all his victims before pushing one against a bedroom wall, putting his hand up the Tshirt of another, and touching the third near her breasts.
Explain that because you love her you don't want to see her transformed into a prostitute, and because you love her you have to be honest - and can't do something you find so sleazy just to keep her happy.
Skinny young hustlers, sleazy gay men seeking teen lovers, heavy S/M sex, murder, dismemberment--must be a Dennis Cooper novel.
Eli: The subject of a lot of the songs on the album are adult oriented and I always liked the vaguely sleazy warning for the late night HBO movies: "Contains: Nudity, Strong Language, Violence, and Adult Situations.
For more than a decade, Phillips officials have come under fire from pro-family activists for allowing the Circle K outlets to carry sleazy magazines of the Playboy and Penthouse genre.
VOTERS consider Labour's image to be significantly more sleazy than that of the Tories, according to a poll.
Americans United, which has monitored CAN for the past 11 years, said the action was a typically sleazy move by the group and its president, Martin Mawyer, a former employee of the Rev.
The real dirt is often placed on an inside page of the newspaper business section to avoid notoriety, unless it is just too outrageous and sleazy, like the tobacco executives who allegedly spiked cigarettes with nicotine or covered up the known carcinogenic effects of their products.
White House staffers and their friends in the press--including the now-penitent Evan Thomas of Newsweek--called Jones a "gold digger" and "trailer trash," and implied that she was sleazy enough to prostitute herself for money and fame.
Similar impulses - to make strange, to subvert conventional notions of fashion - lie behind such recent images as Ellen von Unwerth's deliberately vulgar Water Bed, 1996, its postmodern Olympia a splay-legged woman in black pumps set in a sleazy ivory bedroom environment of intense kitsch.