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The sleeper moving an arm, he sat down again in his chair, and feigned to watch the storm from the window.
It was at the concealed throat of the sleeper that Riderhood so often looked so curiously, until the sleep seemed to deepen into the stupor of the dead-tired in mind and body.
Never a tired driver passed the wooden cross, I am sure, without wishing well to the sleeper.
But the twelve-year-old lad who stole in and cautiously stepped over the sleepers and threaded his way among the captives, did so with his heart in his mouth.
Notwithstanding his regret at an event that might prove fatal to the sleepers, and some little vexation at having been so completely outwitted, in the dialogue just related, the old man continued to maintain his air of inflexible composure.
He fathomed what it was straightaway, and immediately knew that the sleeper was in his power.
As he did it he avoided glancing at the sleeper, but not lest pity should unnerve him; merely to avoid spilling.
The rustling curtain of vegetation parted a few paces from where the sleeper lay, and the massive head of a lion appeared.
Fagin made no answer, but bending over the sleeper again, hauled him into a sitting posture.
And yet there was such a silence all around, that he felt sure he could have heard even the breathing of a sleeper, if there had been one there.
In the Mount of Pion, yonder, is the Cave of the Seven Sleepers.
At the sharp, clipping tone of the parrot, the sleepers awoke and sprang up; and with a mighty oath, the voice of Silver cried, "Who goes?