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She said: "He'd say to me, 'You are getting sleepier and sleepier', and I'd pretend to go along with it because he was going to do whatever he wanted to me anyway.
On the way, it becomes stronger, twice as big, peanut buttery, a lot more slobbery, and eventually sleepier, but always just as nice.
I'll be a little sleepier, I won't have as many good ideas, and I'm much less likely to go out and exercise or socialize after work.
Sleepier Shaw is devoid of visitor services--save for a small general store by the ferry landing and a camping area (Shaw County Park) that makes for a good kayaking base-camp.
Dancing, fun-filled illustrations whirl by in dazzling succession until Lily realizes she has become sleepier and sleepier, and sleepier .
She doesn't want her students to get bored, or sleepier than they already are.
Episodes of Marple are sleepier than a narcoleptic at a slumber party and perfect Sunday night viewing.
Borbely found that the part of the cortex associated with the intact whiskers had stronger eeG patterns during subsequent non-ReM sleep, as if those neurons were sleepier because they had been more active.
Jim said: "The weather isn't as good in the Dordogne and we just felt that life was lived at a sleepier pace there - the markets would close early and there weren't many places to eat out later on in the evening.
Several factors are driving the trend towards sleepier employees: longer working hours, longer commutes, and cell phones, which require some employees to be available on "off hours" such that disconnection from work is difficult.
population 2,224, awoke to scandal when Linda Bevins, of the even sleepier town of Deering, was accused of stealing $1.