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HIDDEN AGONY J More islanders now take sleeping pills
In the US, where this study was carried, up to 10% of the adult population took sleeping pills in 2010.
The associations between sleeping pills and increased mortality were present, and relatively stronger, even in people aged 18 to 54," said Dr.
The 28-year-old Australian actor was found dead in his New York City apartment yesterday, surrounded by sleeping pills.
He was admitted to state-run hospital after he claimed to have taken 58 sleeping pills in a "suicide letter".
SAN DIEGO, Feb 27, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --People are relying on sleeping pills more than ever to get a good night's rest, but a new study by Scripps Clinic researchers links the medications to a 4.
But you can use it as well as your usual sleeping pill.
Lynne confirmed McKeown claims he once drugged manager Tam Paton and his Roller bandmates with sleeping pills so he could sneak out of his hotel room to meet female fans alone.
Sydney, November 30( ANI ): Experts have blamed tablet computers, smartphones and other mobile devices for a 50 per cent jump in the number of young people scoffing sleeping pills.
National Institutes of Health keep an eye on cancer cases reported by sleeping pill users.
He could not sleep and persuaded the reluctant team doctor to give him a sleeping pill the night before his big race.
Seventeen of the participants took a sleeping pill called temazepam an hour before bedtime, 18 used techniques that promote better sleep, 19 did both, and 18 received an inert pill.