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In similar fashion, The Sleepwalker fascinates us with a rush of vitality, and we relate to the expressions of human pain and uncertainty; but as this labyrinth winds and spirals toward a plausible terminus, we never truly find a complete story.
Gwyn Lewis, defending, said: "It is obviously a very unusual case, with Mr Clegg, being a sleepwalker, and sleepwalking at the time.
A SLEEPWALKER had a rude awakening when he found himself stuck in muddy sand with the tide closing in around him.
She finds herself turning to him when she discovers, to her huge shock, that she's a sleepwalker who binge eats and smokes at night.
A SLEEPWALKER accused of sexually assaulting a woman walked free from court after the case was dropped.
Mark had been a life-long sleepwalker and would have had no memory or control over what he did that night, the fresh evidence said.
her vibrant yet fugitive Giselle, her unearthly self-absorption as the Sleepwalker in Balanchine's La Sonnambula, and, in a quite different vein, her Danilova-like edge and style in Gsovsky's Grand Pas Classique.
Tracy McGrady got his nickname ``The Big Sleep'' because his hooded eyes make him look like a 6-foot-8 sleepwalker.
Sleepwalker Paul Mullins, 11, got on a train and woke up 200 miles from his Georgia home
It's an oversimplification, but even a sleepwalker can see what he's getting at.