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Rangers proved the strongest following an exciting second half, with girl-of-the-match Sleight crossing for Olivia Bullock to fire home.
We found that the thermal-expansion properties were much more unusual than had been previously appreciated," says Sleight.
Streptokinase is safer and just as effective -- that's really the bottom line of the trial," says Peter Sleight, a cardiologist at Oxford University in England.
But O'Neal is famous for never forgetting a sleight, real or imagined, and this can only add another strange layer to an already-bitter rivalry that O'Neal himself has often stoked.
It was an important forum, according to Arthur Sleight of E.
Legislators call it low-balling - the practice of using rule waivers and political sleight of hand to slip in new amendments during the chaotic end of the session.
And neither Clinton nor Congress can claim ignorance of this accounting sleight of hand, because it was admitted (quietly) as a necessary maneuver to make the 1997 budget deal a ``balanced'' one, so both sides could brag to their constituents.