sleight of hand

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But you can be sure that the same audacity and sleight of hand that created this proposal is being marshaled to ensure its success.
Any appeal to the usual sources of Christian authority were whisked away with the sleight of hand of "interpretation.
Using his talent for sleight of hand, he and his 'magic gang' created a series of illusions to confuse the enemy, including platoons of dummy tanks, and a fake harbour to draw attention away from the real target.
Immersion uses some programming sleight of hand to achieve its effects, but the hardware is pretty straightforward.
Unsubstantiated observations, from a man reported to be so frightened that he could not be named or photographed, were sandwiched between examples of sleight of hand on the casino table and under-age purchase of lottery scratchcards.
It is also clear that a state may not, through sleight of hand, indirectly tax constitutionally protected income.
Romeo intrigues the curious Juliet by producing a rose for her by sleight of hand at the ball.
The coupling of paternalist with benevolence is a sleight of hand, and Dusinberre might wish to consider the painstaking discussions of "benevolence" offered by the politically influential proslavery theologians in their onslaught agaInst the liberal theologians of New England.
Sleight of Hand - This type of magic involves props and rapid, skilled hand movement.
The real implication of this legislative sleight of hand is that no landlord or financing institution can be assured that the State will honor its leasehold commitments," said Sinzheimer.
The 50GB Blu-ray Disc release of The Prestige (Hugh Jackman, Christian Bale, Scarlett Johansson) will include DVD bonus features The Director's Notebook: The Cinematic Sleight of Hand Of Christopher Nolan, "The Art of The Prestige" featuring a dazzling display of costumes, scenery and set design, along with Blu-ray exclusive Movie Showcase.
My sleight of hand might not be as quick these days, but I think I do well for my age.