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The results show effective redistribution of bending stress and a reduction in deformations, which means the possibility of constructing slenderer timber structural floors with relative deformations below L/1000 when in service.
The third entry on the final shortlist, if physically slenderer and less handsomely produced than the two Yale publications, nonetheless presented an equally strong, and compellingly revisionist schema.
The stanza (and poem) abruptly concludes: "To prize your various book, and send / A gift of slenderer value, mine" (11.
His arm had been getting slenderer only to wave the silk scarf in a sweeter manner.
The one principal who did was Montreal-based Frederic Antoun, who surely would have merited the Aldrich seal of approval, even though his Met competition as Mylio was the great, honey-toned Beniamino Gigli: with slenderer resources, he showed the perfect French-tenorial virtues of light and shade, sweetness and (when needed) steel; and unlike Gigli as chided by Aldrich, he cut a dashingly handsome and winningly ardent figure.
The higher glare, cheaper paper, smaller print, and boxier shape (I was partial to the taller, slenderer, patrician model) definitely do not constitute improvements.
The variety digyna has slenderer leaves and `Purple Stem' has tints of purplish-pink on the young shoots and pink-tinged flowers.