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The bride, however, gave him a sleeping-draught, and he slept so soundly that he heard nothing.
Lucy slept well into the day, and when she woke she was fairly well and strong, though not nearly so much so as the day before.
So," said Conseil, "we have slept twenty-four hours?
As for David Swan, he still slept quietly, neither conscious of the shadow of death when it hung over him, nor of the glow of renewed life when that shadow was withdrawn.
At dawn he stopped to feed, and then he slept for several hours, taking up the pursuit again toward noon.
And such indeed was the purpose of his attitude--which meant that the white stranger within his village still slept peacefully.
he had already come to recognise his father as the one other dweller in the world, a creature like his mother, who slept near the light and was a bringer of meat)--his father had a way of walking right into the white far wall and disappearing.
One of the travellers kept watch ' while the others slept.
Finally, with a sigh he gave up trying to fathom the unfathomable, yet in his heart of hearts he knew that something had come into his life that he never before had experienced, another life which existed when he slept and the consciousness of which was carried over into his waking hours.
His brother got into bed, and whether he slept or did not sleep, tossed about like a sick man, coughed, and when he could not get his throat clear, mumbled something.
He slept so long and so soundly, that Mr Dennis began to think he might sleep on until the turnkey visited them.
Others, reposing upon heaps of coals or ashes, with their faces turned to the black vault above, slept or rested from their toil.