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The poll also revealed that the nation is divided on smashing or slicing - 51 per cent slice off the top of the egg, while 49 per cent smash it with a teaspoon.
SOME of Birmingham's last remaining free public tennis courts are being repeatedly targeted by thieves who slice off nets and steal the posts.
The tree-cutters found some strange things inside the coast live oak -- a palm tree, an old cement bag, some barbed wire and what appeared to be the remains of a coyote -- and they are still hoping to slice off a clear section at the base to display at the Strathearn Historical Park.
When done, leave them to cool, take a small slice off the bottom of each so the potato can stand then scoop out a hollow.
In 1935, 3,000 labourers descended on the site to slice off the top of a hill and create Baginton Airport.
Ask an adult to cut a small slice off the bottom of a 3-inch foam ball.
Slice off the top and bottom of each orange (wasting very little of the fruit itself) and place on the chopping board so they sit steady.