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SonoCoat AM ultrasonic coaters have already been installed in concert with Titan meat slicers in three installations and together they deliver unmatched meat slicing and coating performance.
Weber Power Control won its Red Dot in the Communication Design category, illustrating how the complexity of the Weber slicers and in-feeder lines is overcome through a simple graphics-based touch screen operating system.
Three of the schools were given fruit slicers, while the other three continued normal cafeteria operations to act as a control.
While properly maintained blades and slicers are essential to speed, further productivity gains are possible by crust-freezing deli logs prior to slicing.
What makes KMOS unique is its ability to image many galaxies simultaneously, but via the use of image slicers still see the individual properties of each single galaxy.
Globe's Premium Heavy-Duty N-Series slicers are designed to meet the highest standards in slicing and hygienic food preparation and are constructed with superior operator safeguards.
According to "Quick Tips Hall of Fame" in the June issue of Cook's Illustrated, egg slicers are also great for making perfect slices of kiwi, strawberries (for shortcake) or banana "in one quick motion.
The three new features of Excel 2010 we'll discuss here are slicers, Office Web Apps and sparklines.
The new Slicers feature in Excel 2010 provides an intuitive visual filter to replace the functionality of the old Report Filter fields.
DELFT, The Netherlands, May 29 /PRNewswire/ -- Vacu Vin has successfully forced the German supermarket chain Lidl to stop selling illegal copies of Vacu Vin's Pineapple Slicers in The Netherlands, Belgium, UK, Germany and other European countries.
Microplane expands its offering of professional-quality kitchen tools with the launch of its new adjustable slicer, the company's first entry in the handheld slicers category.
BACON slicers at the ready - Mick McCarthy's in town.