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Kick off the weekend with the Turtles at the Splash bash DJ dance party and mass sliming on Friday night at the Lagoon Pool.
Host Jack Black opened the evening in a jumpsuit that recalled Evel Knievel more than Elvis, performing a variation on the old Elton John song: ``Saturday Night's All Right for Sliming.
The poolside 100,000th SLIMING celebration included a MASS SLIMING where guests were doused in SLIME by local firefighters and their fire hoses, SLIME balloons and SLIMULATORS for guests to experience a SLIME shower.
Slime Edition interactive stage show; a virtual sliming zone; Nickelodeon; product giveaways; and of course, the opportunity for kids to get slimed.
One lucky victim will be chosen for sliming during this free event, part of the summerlong exhibition ``A Kid's Got to Do What a Kid's Go to Do: Celebrating 20 Years of Nickelodeon.