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Berkeley, in fact, only slimly acknowledges that other human beings exist: "We may even assert, that the existence of God"--who is behind all things, always active in his creation, but oddly distant nonetheless--"is far more evidently perceived than the existence of men; because the effects of Nature are infinitely more numerous and considerable, than those ascribed to human agents" (Principles 147).
Petite and ultra-graceful, Julieta Gros' Judy makes the most of a slimly defined character.
The position of her body stretched out on the silky sheets allows the film a moment to display, and dwell upon, her slimly attractive figure; yet it is a body that appears worryingly still, and with her face hidden, she seems finally fully smothered, suffocated even, by her environment.
Her mother baptized her from head to tail with a lot of slimly, stinky diarrhea.
Slimly built, 5ft 10in tall, with receding brown hair, he was the antithesis of the glamorous image of a spy.
But these old packs, which lie at the end of their twigs, throw out now long shoots alternately and slimly leaved, looking like bright keys.
Not only does the P-Flip drastically extend your talk, video, and audio time, but users can also flip the lightweight dock horizontally or vertically for hands-free video viewing or position it slimly to fold for easy storage.
The first robber was white, slimly built, and wearing a dark shiny jacket with white zips, over a black hooded top.
40pm on Wednesday, by a slimly -built man aged between 15 and 20, and wearing a blue hooded top and black tracksuit trousers.