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All are welcome to come along to meet the slimmers - including Airdrie's young slimmer of the year - and get a flavour of Free Food February and SlimmingWorld, as well as some tasty treats from the spread.
She then replied that she indeed lost a lot of pounds and shared her 'formula' for a slimmer body.
Guests at the gala event voted for the slimmer whom they thought most worthy of the title 'Slimmer of the Year'.
There's some inspiration from our super slimmers - Gillian Cameron, Kirsty Thomasson and Emily Ford - who have lost almost 10 stone between them.
4% slimmer & 30% more energy dense than the 10400mAh PB.
3 OPT FOR DARK COLOURS: Most women know the power of the little black dress for helping to create a slimmer silhouette; however, if you are fed up of wearing black for every night out, darker shades such as navy, dark purple and brown have a similar slimming effect.
Both of the youngsters reached the final 33 in Young Slimmer of the Year 2013 - a competition that picks the most successful slimmers out of all 10,000 Slimming World groups in the UK and Ireland.
Each Slimmer of the Year was given pounds 1,000 at the event and paraded a cardboard cut-out of their larger selves as they celebrated their weight loss.
But from the moment I joined the fitness class it was my dream to win a slimmer of the year title.
The average slimmer in Tyne and Wear lost 12lbs over 12 weeks.
DIET and exercise guru Rosemary Conley dished out awards yesterday to eight star slimmers who between them lost 77 stone - including Super-Fit Slimmer of the Year Kerry Pillai from Swansea.