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One of the things that undoubtedly happen to those who get buffeted by the slings and arrows of daily life is that goals and the necessary tenacity get somewhat beaten down.
Dick argues baseball very quietly but relentlessly, and he refuses to bleed from all the slings and arrows of his Yankee tormentors.
Real estate undoubtedly will suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune due to reduced occupancy rates and weakening rental rates, but it cannot be blamed for creating a vast oversupply.
This starts in chapter one when the elder Brandon, his career over and having been through so many slings and arrows he resembles a WASP Saint Sebastian with eyeglasses, and bow tie, is chomping on canapes at "a cocktail party in the home of a wise cabinet officer, one of those happy occasions when everything is `off the record,' When we're Americans first and antagonists second" Okay.
The slings and arrows flung at Peter Minogue by politicians over his appointment to the board of Ontario's SuperBuild Fund hasn't distracted him from the job.
As the fierce, funny, and often frightened Brockovich, Julia Roberts has to wrestle with unemployment poverty, in adequate child care, and all the slings and arrows so casually unleashed on working-class women.
From being a clean but big and hairy guy who suffered the slings and arrows of not being conventionally attractive, I have become a famous bear, attractive to a whole different convention.
As if suffering the slings and arrows of managed care weren't enough.
According to Tarpey, the company's relatively thin, 5-million share float made the stock particularly susceptible to the slings and arrows of day trading.
As with so many of her predecessors, Madre Castillo suffers, but her suffering comes from her fellow creatures, whereas her mystical engagement with God is above that, allowing her to bear the slings and arrows.
Living in Los Angeles where he is currently co-executive producing four animated television series based on his brainchildren -- Spider- Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and Iron Man -- and developing numerous movie projects with major studios, Lee is best known for his multidimensional characters whose superhuman powers fail to insulate them from the slings and arrows of ordinary life.
While women in general may have been unjustly saddled over the years with the reputation of having poor spatial abilities (above), mothers in particular continue to suffer the slings and arrows of behavioral researchers, according to a report in the July AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHOPSYCHIATRY.