slip away

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What we see is that they are letting the opportunity to establish normal, systematic, mutually beneficial dialogue with the international community slip away.
Sources say two managed to slip away right after completing their training, while three came back with multiple visas to pursue private careers abroad.
If they allow Blair to slip away, then another bad decision.
MINNEAPOLIS -- Premium audio is making a comeback in cars and major automakers are not letting it slip away to the aftermarket.
In Thursday's showdown at rival Canyon, it was a winner-take-all scenario and Hart wasn't going to let another opportunity slip away.
She gives August the gravity and sensitivity that befits the character as written, and captures Margaret's desperation as she sees her beloved farm about to slip away.
But soloists, however long-serving, tend to slip away.
Last week, intrepid neuroscientific sleuth Sarah Bellum tracked down a haggard-looking consciousness at one the brain's seamiest flophouses, only to let her elusive quarry slip away,
READING caretaker boss Alan Pardew saw his chances of the post becoming permanent slip away after watching his side crash to Wycombe.
Each treatment room was designed to create a warm sanctuary, perfect for letting stress and tension slip away.
There was no way we were going to let the opportunity to win slip away after that.
Maybe I'm wrong but the opportunity would certainly be there for them to slip away.