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When using a third party to deliver services or collect information for your library, your library's grasp on privacy gets just a little bit slipperier.
Nothing could be slipperier than the ascription of originality for the use of Old Testament allegory and, in particular, identity with the historical struggles of ancient Israel.
Obviously, the slope in this scenario is slipperier and steeper than in a situation in which the permissibility of B is not fully clear until after one or more additional cases have been decided.
Innovation leads to thinner, stronger, slipperier wire, so we can keep the big gap required to present bigger plastics, set the hook, and hold a big bass with lighter line.
The conjunction of the handmade and the mechanically generated accentuates the fact that Higgins's project is, at its center, about something slipperier than social caste: taste itself.
There's very little plot structure here to latch onto, and the namelessness of the narrator makes the novel even slipperier to pin down.
Extrinsic parameters (those associated with the environment) that would affect one's risk of falling might include type of footwear, walking speed, or temperature ("wet" ice is slipperier than "dry" ice), etc.
If the way up was steep and slippery, the way down was steeper and slipperier.
As swiftly as exasperated judges squashed that semantic mutation, "intelligent design" crawled out of the creationist swamp - sporting a slipperier skin.