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As Obama must understand, America has returned to the slipperiest slope on earth.
Yet quixotism remains among the slipperiest and, by virtue of that, most troublesome concepts in literary studies.
As one of the slipperiest illnesses of the mind, hysteria continues to invoke fear, curiosity, and the desire for interpretive mastery.
It's the slipperiest clay you can imagine,' said Rowe.
ALTHOUGH he is one of the most media-friendly managers in the business, Steven Pressley can be as canny as the slipperiest politician when it comes to deflecting awkward questions.
The courthouse is the proper forum for many disputes, but relying on the courts to pick winners and losers in capitalism is a step on the slipperiest of slopes.
Silicone is the slipperiest of all lubricants, so it's a great choice for items that slide against one another'.
It's probably one of the slipperiest circuits I've raced on in the rain, simply because there are a lot of white lines everywhere that are painted black.
Nulon E-25 Super Engine Treatment(For all 4 Wheelers): Available for INR 495, Nulon Engine Treatment is a unique lubricant formulated with activated PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene, the slipperiest substance known to science) and other special additives that eliminates friction and smooths the engine thus ensuring enhanced performance and total protection which help to significantly increase the life of your vehicles.
She employs a systematic, chronological approach to this slipperiest of concepts known for rendering the familiar unfamiliar and focuses on what she refers to as the "pre-conceptual latency" in an effort to capture the idea's lesser-known formative stages.
Edwards said: "I've driven a fair bit at Sweet Lamb and I have to say that the stage was probably the slipperiest I've seen there - generally wet and very muddy, all affecting grip.
Ground Claw outsoles include aggressive rubber cleats and serrated toe for grip on the slipperiest slopes.