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Jerry felt his jowl and jaw clutched still more harshly and hardly, and, with increase of harshness and hardness, he was flung farther down the deck, which, on account of its growing slant due to heavier gusts of wind, had become a steep and slippery hill.
Instantly as though with implicit confidence in my ability to save her, she leaped over the side of the tug onto the sloping, slippery side of the U-boat.
I soon learnt that the object of our expedition was to fill our sacks with cocoanuts, but when at length I saw the trees and noted their immense height and the slippery smoothness of their slender trunks, I did not at all understand how we were to do it.
There was a sensation that he and his fellows, at bay, were pushing back, always pushing fierce on- slaughts of creatures who were slippery.
Often he had to cross and recross the rushing torrent, as it wound foaming and roaring down its broken channel, or was walled by perpendicular precipices; and imminent was the hazard of breaking the legs of the horses in the clefts and fissures of slippery rocks.
The National Weather Service (NWS) issued several warnings Sunday about thunderstorms and fog affecting areas that are part of Interstate-80 (I-80), which saw various closing and reopening of certain sections over the past few days because of constant spinouts and collision of vehicles, due to the slippery roads.
Police announced on Sunday that all roads leading to Troodos were open but slippery.
com to advertise their rental properties directly to the Slippery Rock University community.
Notes: site visit scheduled to view furniture is thursday, may 4, 2017 @ 1:00 pm in bailey library located at 104 central loop, slippery rock, pa 16057.
Whether a floor is slippery because of water, chemical spillages or oil leaks, the risk can be minimised with a hard-wearing epoxy resin coating with anti-slip properties.
For a long time, it's puzzled me how proponents of the legalization of euthanasia can confidently claim, as they do, that in the Netherlands and Belgium, the two jurisdictions with the longest experience of legalized euthanasia, there have been no slippery slopes, when the evidence is clearly otherwise.
ISLAMABAD -- The 434 kilometer long strategic Srinagar-Leh highway, connecting Ladakh region with the Kashmir Valley, has been closed for night traffic movement to avoid any mishap due to slippery road and freezing temperature along the highway.