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Currently, assembly of this top-of-the-line slitter is taking place at Majestic's Houston, Texas location.
Atlas says it has now sold over 40 of the new CW Series slitter rewinders in widths from 2,500mm to 10,400mm for BOPP, BOPET and CPP films.
The slitter can cut down trimming waste to 3 mm on each side on a 1,000 mm wide coil -- improving on the minimum achievable width of 5 mm on either side of our competitors in Saudi Arabia," he explains.
The slitter uses a web guide from BST Servotechnik and a tension system to ensure quick production.
com adds 2014 Market Research Report on Global PIN diode Industry and 2014 Market Research Report on Global Slitter Industry business intelligence studies to its online intelligence library.
This company has adapted its Orion G slitter to answer the demand for slitting reduced width mother rolls of gum or bias.
This versatile unit has the power to replace all fracturable pipes and non fracturable pipes like ductile iron, steel and PVC with the ductile slitter.
Offers specialty blades and knives, including slitter blades and utility knives.
Its new features include a removable anvil and an easy load system designed to accommodate most makes of rotary die, whilst the inclusion of the cartridge slitter system enables the operator to set the blades without taking them away from the machine.
A B Graphic International is the only company to produce slitter rewinders and a fully integrated 100% inspection system.
The optional in-line slitter package has been enhanced to offer lateral adjustment of the slitter and anvil roller assembly for quicker set-up, fine-tuning and change-over between jobs.
The primary range of products includes sheeter knives, slitter knives, chipper knives, pulp cutter knives and guillotine knives.