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The planner can then stipulate the arbor layout, OD breaks, as well as further slitting specific functions like run full or partial, slit and re-slit, and trim.
Dienes' second 100 Years begins with the addition of our latest slitting advancement; The QUICK SET 0.
Prior to June 2012 we would send our master coils to a specialist slitting firm in Riyadh," he explains.
The new slitting line will be installed in a 43,000-square-foot building that will be leased by TMK IPSCO to Ferrous, and will provide skelp to the two Wilder ERW pipe mills.
Now that it is in operation, Suzhou Kobe keeps an inventory of wide-width coils on hand for slitting to customer specifications.
In these sheeters, electronic paper tension controls and automated paper web guiding and steering systems ensure that the paper is accurately positioned for the slitting and cross cutting processes.
The purchase does not include the hot roll and cold roll slitting and cut-to-length assets or the net working capital.
This system also incorporates a new Chase Ultrasonic Slitting Capsule that allows material slit widths down to half an inch.
Initial to the carrying of construction of multi-level commercial building, slitting is needed for steel and as slitting mills have no facilities for container handling, FPS is unpacking the coils and loading them onto its own flatbed vehicles.
This company has adapted its Orion G slitter to answer the demand for slitting reduced width mother rolls of gum or bias.
As the blade penetrates further into the web, the blade-to-web contact angle increases, the effective slitting speed relative to the web speed slows, and abrasion increases.
He claims that big differences in the economics of producing T-shirt bags on Alpine's Elba bag machine have been achieved by slitting 60-in.