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BRANDY. A spirituous liquor made of wine by distillation. See stat. 22 Car. H. c. 4.

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Blurb, burped the critical authority, slurped musingly his third slivovitz, and scrawled the above text on the back of the bill at the cafe of the Literature Museum.
Me and my Antarctican were in bed at the Guesclin Hotel sleeping off a slivovitz hangover.
I died in the muddy river after drinking too much slivovitz.
General Mladic drank slivovitz and toasted "democracy.
Or on my bad days, my drowning days, a tall beer and a shot of the local slivovitz.
Tours are available year round, and include the primary and secondary fermentation and processing areas, the racking and holding tank area, iceberg water tanks, the Slivovitz style triple copper pot still (for the distillation of the company's pear and plum brandies, as well as the future production of vodka and schnapps:r), and wine tasting.
Dario Srna, Bosko Balaban and Ivica Olic were all spotted sinking the slivovitz in Zagreb when they should have been resting up, and unfortunately for them news travels fast in Croatia.
Sejkora needed a shot of slivovitz to withstand the ceremony, and afterward stood around muttering, "It's terrible.
In a kind of rollicking jazz idiom, the narrator describes his poor synapses as he views "the vista of plummets" with panic beyond "the ultimate slivovitz, the gasp / beyond grappa or the shine of shines.
She remembers people laughing and drinking slivovitz plum brandy.
made from apples; grappa made in Italy and now in California; Metaxa and ouzo from Greece; pisco from muscat grapes and produced primarily in Peru; slivovitz, a golden-brown plum brandy produced in the various Balkan countries; kirsch, produced from cherries in Alsace, Germany and Switzerland.