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However, on we went, till we saw before us, and between ourselves and the peak, a vast circular hole with sloping sides, three hundred feet or more in depth, and quite half a mile round.
On he clambered, with his hand shuffling down the long sloping crack, sometimes bearing all his weight upon his arms, at others finding some small shelf or tuft on which to rest his foot.
The green screen was burst asunder, and a man peered out at the meadow and the pool and the sloping side-hill.
The function is not symmetric about a slope of zero because the speed at which a person can typically walk is greater on a slightly downward sloping surface than for level ground or an equivalent uphill slope.
As you reach a distance of 60 to 100 feet away from a structure, or further on sloping terrain, you can plant trees as long as they are separated from each other by more than 20 feet.
Sediments carried by rivers often accumulate in thick layers on the sloping seafloors surrounding the continents.
Its calm timber-lined interior is made dramatic by a light chute over the stage which takes north luminance and pours it down, partly reflected from the sloping end wall.