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Itinerari dell'ozio in una triade di lezioni accademiche secentesche di Cesare Crispolti," provides an overview of the negative connotations of otium in the Seicento, where it is associated with the vice of slothfulness by an entry in Vocabolario degli Accademici della Crusca.
Contrary to popular usage, the sin of sloth, a loose translation of the Latin acedia, not only means lazy, it also means apathy or failure to care, as in "By much slothfulness the building decayeth and through idleness of hands the house droppeth through" (Ecclesiastes 10:18).
On food security we can no longer afford slumber, sluggishness and slothfulness.
Tenure, at least in the eyes of many, had become an impenetrable shield to protect professorial slothfulness.
suffer discrimination due to nonracial factors, such as slothfulness or
It is a testament to my slothfulness that I had little previous exposure to James Clarence Mangan, Francis Sylvester Mahony (Father Prout), Patrick Weston Joyce, George Sigerson, Sir John Pentland Mahaffy, and Edward Dowden, but I was very glad that this volume gave me the opportunity to redress that deficiency.
The battle is indeed a religious one, as many of the problems the Earth is facing are caused by sins: the greed that prompts coalmining companies to desecrate mountaintops in Appalachia, the gluttony that leads many of us to over-consume food and other resources, the slothfulness that allows chemical plants in Mississippi not to care about their contamination of water and air and how that affects the poorest communities along the Gulf Coast.
He must abandon what to us appear to be habits of slothfulness, indolence and dishonesty and become industrious, reliable and trustworthy.
If a team lacks a strong work ethic and a sense of responsibility to each other, the group becomes a convenient place to hide a little slothfulness, to push a little work to the other guy, or to point fingers when a project doesn't hit its deadlines.
Thus, the Spaniards' supposed proclivity to slothfulness became a ready explanation for the country's decline, loss of empire, and inability to embrace modernity.
By and large, winners and losers along with common water users of both systems began to realize that the exclusionary tendency in the democratic decision-making and governance process would be detrimental to the sustained management of the irrigation systems (because the despondency and slothfulness of the defeated panel and their minimal involvement in the governance process as planned by the winner were the bad omen of the initial days).
In one of his talks, Cardinal Ratzinger said, "Even the Church can fall victim to metaphysical inertia, to accidie: an excess of external activity can be the pitiful attempt to cover up internal pusillanimity and slothfulness of heart that springs from poverty of faith, from a lack of hope, from a lack of love of God and of man made in his image and likeness.