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They were of the slovenly English sort; and they consequently muddled it all, until Mr.
It took them half the night to pitch a slovenly camp, and half the morning to break that camp and get the sled loaded in fashion so slovenly that for the rest of the day they were occupied in stopping and rearranging the load.
He was clad in a professional but rather slovenly fashion, for his frock-coat was dingy and his trousers frayed.
Rapidly she approached the slovenly barmaid who stared half in envy, half in hate, at her more fortunate sister.
You are a slovenly lot down here when it comes to boats--most of you are, any way.
What was once a smooth-shaven lawn before the house, dotted here and there with ornamental shrubs, was now covered with frowsy tangled grass, with horseposts set up, here and there, in it, where the turf was stamped away, and the ground littered with broken pails, cobs of corn, and other slovenly remains.
She had a slovenly way of summing up as "asses" people whose habits of thought differed from hers.
The neatness of the room suited my taste; I hate irregular and slovenly habits.
Welland's sensitive domesticity shrank from the discomforts of the slovenly southern hotel, and at immense expense, and in face of almost insuperable difficulties, Mrs.
Pupils saw firsthand the slovenly side of human nature as they waded into the creek and climbed along the rocky banks to pluck debris off the ground and out of the water.
THE body in charge of creating the new Wembley Stadium was branded "slack, slovenly and supine" by MPs yesterday.
The man who created Sherlock Holmes was described in his teachers' reports as lazy and slovenly.

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