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So they sat still and waited and, even while they were wondering what could be done, the raft slowed down, stopped, and began drifting the other way--in the direction it had first followed.
The raft slowed down, yet it did not stop, because the fish would not let it.
He ran once, but the long gown clogged him so that he slowed down into a shambling walk, and finally plumped into the heather once more.
But this time he quickly shook out a portion of his reefed sustaining surface and slowed down in time.
Almost at once Fyne caught me up and slowed down to my strolling gait which must have been infinitely irksome to his high pedestrian faculties.
That was the Grange, remarked Albert, over his shoulder, and then he jammed the brake on, and the motor slowed down and stopped.
At the end, as the band slowed in the last bars, they, too, slowed, their dance fading with the music in a lengthening glide that ceased with the last lingering tone.
He slowed down for the rush to pass him and then turned to the left into a narrow street.
The sales growth slowed somewhat in the category last year, according to Francesco De Flaviis, marketing director for De'Longhi USA.
Using a photonic crystal--in this case, a sliver of silicon punctuated by tiny holes--they have slowed light down to as little as 1,000 kps.
A better solution is for material that's moving too fast to be slowed down or redistributed to other parts of the profile so there isn't such a large variation in flow speed at the die exit.
when five vehicles tangled as traffic slowed unexpectedly.