slowed down

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The raft slowed down, yet it did not stop, because the fish would not let it.
I could see I was going considerable to looard of the bush, so I worked my starboard wing slow and went ahead strong on the port one, but it wouldn't answer; I could see I was going to broach to, so I slowed down on both, and lit.
He stuck his head out of the window--it was a tight fit--and saw in the bleak air the other airships slowed down to a scarcely perceptible motion.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (NYSE: CIBC) (CIBC), which has been focussing on retail banking, is running into risks as the Canadian economy has slowed down.
Have you slowed down to see what's happening outside of your "me/mine" circle?
I'm an old clapped out van, but still slowed down by drivers not reading the road right.
The lawyer says, "I slowed down and no one was coming.
The Moroccan economy growth rate slowed down in 2012 standing at 2.
However, as I slowed down, a Mr Good Driver of a Black Chevrolet Camarro behind me started honking non-stop - as if urging me to speed up and beat the red light
Motorists faced long tailbacks on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai on Monday when drivers slowed down to look at a multi-vehicle accident.
Clinton says sanctions do job: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says Iran's nuclear program has hit a bump in the road and slowed down.