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In those markets, anecdotal reports from around the country tended to confirm recent data indicating some slowing of activity from the pace at the start of the year, but conditions varied substantially across the nation.
One bright spot in the equipment picture, however, has been the growth in outlays for computers and other information-processing equipment, after some slowing during the second half of 1989.
The slowing in sales of motor vehicles was most pronounced during the fourth quarter of 1989, reflecting a "payback" for sales that had been advanced into the third quarter and a relatively large increase in sticker prices on 1990-model cars.
Inventories held by the Commodity Credit Corporation edged down further in the first quarter, but the rate of decline has been slowing (on a seasonally adjusted basis) since the middle of last year as the effects of last summer's drought have dissipated.
While growth is slowing, four key trends continue to drive outsourcing growth:
The Government Sector Budgetary constraints have led to a slowing of government purchases, both at the federal level and among state and local governments.
1 percent in 2004, the fastest growth rate recorded in nearly 30 years, but Adams warns that growth slowed in each consecutive quarter and world growth is expected to slow by a full percentage point this year with more slowing to come in 2006.
The likely result is a decline in the stock market and a slowing down of business expansion.
Private domestic final demand grew at an appreciably slower pace in the third quarter than in the first half of the year; and other recent statistics, including data on labor market activity, also suggested some slowing in the rate of economic expansion.
Rather, we look for a sustainable resurgence in the second half of 2005 to a slower overall outlook into early 2006 with gross domestic product (GDP) slowing to around 3 percent.
The slowing of atoms, for which the physics prize was given, removed a barrier to the study of these basic components of matter.