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As I pointed out earlier, demand has been depressed by the rise in energy prices as well as by the needed slowing in the pace of accumulation of business capital and consumer durable assets.
Nonetheless, as they had at previous meetings, members expressed particular concern about the outlook for prices in the absence of appreciable slowing in the growth of aggregate demand, which appeared to be adding to pressures on labor resources.
In addition, improvement in corporate financial metrics is slowing, covenant packages are weakening and aggregate debt maturities are rising.
The gradual slowing of the jets, the distance they've traveled, and the relatively recent development of X-ray hot spots suggest that for most of their journey, the jets have passed through remarkably low-density regions of space, comments Michael P.
The employment cost index for private industry workers rose more rapidly in the second quarter after a sharp slowing in the first quarter, with the acceleration in compensation largely reflecting a pickup in wage and salary growth.
This slowing is providing a negative headwind to the financial markets.
Methods of slowing and stopping light have evolved from a technique for making opaque material transparent to selected light frequencies (SN: 6/1/91, p.
The CHP said Guevara was eastbound in her 1982 Toyota Corolla when she began slowing to make a left turn onto 130th Street East.
The considerable margin of slack in resource utilization, though decreasing, was projected to be associated with appreciable further slowing in the underlying rate of inflation.
Additional outcomes will also be measured regarding lens opacity as part of an on-going collaboration between Othera and the NEI on preventing or slowing the progression of cataract formation.
El Nino boosts the atmosphere's angular momentum by slowing down the tropical easterlies and speeding the westerlies outside the tropics, says Salstein.
M2 velocity is likely to increase further over the second half of the year; however, a substantial slowing of M2 could suggest more restraint than would be consistent with sustained upward momentum of the economy, and thus the Committee reaffirmed the established range for M2 growth for 1990.