slowing down

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Apple insists, however, that it is not slowing down older iPhones to force consumers into buying newer models.
Pedestrians stopping to looking at accident sites is not such a big problem as is car drivers slowing down because [the former] move on when asked by the police to clear the area.
A big bonus of slowing down is you allow that great computer of yours--your brain--to come into play more.
Slowing down has as much to do with spiritual growth and calming the inner dialogue, as it does with the pace at which you speed through the day.
Some 61 per cent said they had seen a slow down in business since September 11 and the same percentage also reported the economy had been slowing down anyway over the past three months.
The idea of lactate training is to improve the efficiency of your energy systems over time, allowing you to run faster without shifting into anaerobic glycolysis, lactic acid production, and slowing down due to fatigue.
The pill, being developed in Holland, will work by slowing down production of a hormone which triggers egg development in the ovaries.
Cosmic expansion speeds up instead of slowing down.
He sees the economy slowing down a bit in 2000, which he considers a favorable development.
But the only signs of slowing down on No Exit are the waltz-tempo fiddlefest "The Dream's Lost on Me" and the hauntingly sexy jazz confection "Boom Boom in the Zoom Zoom Room.
In ordinary conductors, electrons bump into atoms of the metal, slowing down the electrical flow.