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Dried crusty sea weed is good as its salty flavour repels the slugs and is difficult for them to traverse.
Slugs like mild and warm winters and Met Office statistics show that average temperatures were slightly above what would be expected for both December and January.
Nothing brings slugs and snails out to feed like a light afternoon shower.
Dr Rowson said: "We had the know-how to find all 36 known slug species, some of which are quite rare, but were amazed to encounter so many species we didn't recognise.
Slugs and snails are ravenous plant eaters that leave behind slimy trails of destruction as they glide through nurseries and lawns, farm fields and gardens.
Each slug plunges it like a syringe into the area around the other's eyes, Lange and her colleagues report November 13 in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.
It's better to go on slug patrol early morning and at dusk, preferably after rain, as these huge slugs are highly visible, and pick them off before putting them in a bucket of water containing detergent which will cause them to sink, he advises.
As a complex, premium slug, the 12-gauge Sauvestre slugs sell for $47.
Salisbury has seen evidence of slug damage on really tall clematis and on magnolia flowers - they will go up and down a tree in a night, he says.
The best of today's slugs and slug guns can de liver accuracy as good as many ordinary hunting rifles out to 100 yards, 150 yards, and even beyond.
The Elysia chlorotica is a sea slug that looks like a leaf and eats by sucking the insides out of strands of algae.