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Consumers who complete the All-Bran 7-Day Promise(TM) may see improvements in overall digestive health, including changes in regularity, feeling as if they have more energy, and less bloating and sluggishness.
For the whole six months, though, the sluggishness of the first quarter still remained evident--only one sub-market other than the CBD saw leasing grow from the same period of 2003, resulting in a 13% drop in velocity from last year countywide to 1.
Kenneth Kensey, a cardiologist based in Pennsylvania, along with researchers at Visco Technologies, intends to measure the thickness and sluggishness of the blood.
Referring to the sagging Tokyo stock market, Mori said, ''The recent sluggishness in U.
While the company grew well ahead of the overall US market average, its results were plagued by sluggishness in the corporate PC sector.
Counter to other tire category sectors is the farm tire market where prevailing economic sluggishness mixed with the impact of damaging weather systems in 1999 led to a 3% to 42% drop in shipments, depending on the category.
Tea is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, but in China, its home, there are signs of sluggishness in the business.
The production of consumer nondurables was flat, continuing the sluggishness that has persisted over the past year.
Unfortunately, today we find much the same sluggishness and inactivity among freethinkers that Eliza found in her day.
The sellout occurs in the midst of an Arizona real estate market that has received national headlines for its recent sluggishness.
Meanwhile, investors anticipated record sluggishness of the US economy in the second quarter of the year, thus prompting the prices of the crude to fall, USD 1.
But the ministry said the level is relatively low, pointing to sluggishness among some manufacturers.