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HAVE you ever thought that your morning sluggishness might be connected to what you ate for breakfast?
There were all kinds of explanations for stocks going down -- sluggishness in China, sluggishness during the Black Friday weekend and the rebound in oil prices all got mentions.
Meanwhile, international markets witnessed fall of the euro vis a vis the USD, which continued to rally against background of the industrial sector's sluggishness in the euro zone, during the current month.
Asian markets edged up on Monday following a record close on Wall Street at the end of last week, while analysts said data indicating sluggishness in the Chinese economy could prompt fresh stimulus from Beijing.
The Monetary Policy Committee assessed that the global economy will continue its modest recovery but downside risks remain due to sluggishness in the eurozone and fiscal consolidation in major countries.
Overseas lending fared well, but sluggishness at home dragged down the overall performance, the group said.
Despite a heavy amount of economic sluggishness and uncertainty in 2012, the Port of Los Angeles (POLA) and the Port of Long Beach (POLB) were not left wanting for volume in 2012.
According to Reuters, foreign mutual-fund joint ventures in China are offering new products because of sluggishness in the stock markets.
Similarly, a policy of zero tolerance against corruption has also been adopted which is aggressively pursued to stop the misuse of power by the cop officials or sluggishness in performing their duties.
World Bank arm warns that prolonged sluggishness could limit the growth potential of GCC economies
JUND, June 22, 2010 (Frontier Star): At the arrival of Commissioner Rawalpindi and DCO Attock in Jund, TMA staff in order to hide their shirking, sluggishness and inability have filled small and big ditches with sand of Mukhd road.
ICRA's rating factors in the poor mall occupancy levels, poor retail area off-take and the substantial inventory and debtor build-up on account of the ongoing sluggishness in the real estate market.