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Christopher Miller also shared his thoughts on the gay slur controversy Jonah Hill is facing.
The rising and falling octave scales upon which this section is built, in a consistent half-note, quarter-note rhythm, are articulated in the first Artaria edition of 1799 by slurs covering each individual measure.
Where background investigations disclose habits of bigoted speech, as in ethnic slurs, racial epithets, gender insults, and the like, those habits of conduct may be entirely sufficient to disqualify applicants.
But what if Daniel Snyder were to reach into the muck of that lockbox and pull out a substitute slur for his team?
com) BuzzFeed upon learning that Jonah Hill had used the gay slur.
The video went viral and Hill has since expressed his apology for using the gay slur in "The Howard Stern Show" and "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.
The 'Vogue' hitmaker said that she was not racist and did not mean to use the word as a slur, but as a term of endearment and knew there was no way to defend its use.
Spacing at the end of a slur causes the following tone to assume greater significance and expressiveness, as it does before the two-note slur of measure 2.
I've had a very successful career that I'm very proud of and I don't want something like this to put a slur on all that I've achieved
It is, they complain, a slur to even suggest that their delightful dogs were responsible for any mess.
Wellington, Jan 14 ( ANI ): Kanye West has allegedly punched a teenager who is said to have hurled a racial slur at Kim Kardashian.