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Slurs will be joined on stage at The Cumberland Arms by dark electronic duo Mausoleums and indie rock band Avenues.
Slur Exercises, Trills, and Chromatic Octaves, by Andres Segovia and revised and edited by Larry Snitzler.
What he doesn't seem to understand is that the folks over at CNN are also exercising their rights when they refuse to broadcast that slur.
Children don't pick up such racial slurs from thin air.
Does the use of trans slurs cause teens to attempt suicide?
22 Jumpstreet" movie director Christopher Miller thinks "it's disappointing" to hear Jonah Hill use the gay slur and also finds it ironic that one scene in "22 Jumpstreet" talks about why any gay slur shouldn't be used.
She also scoffed at Baldwin's claims, saying all of a sudden the '30 Rock' star has a gay hero who wasn't there when he was screaming homophobic slurs.
The attacker reportedly referred to the victim as Iranian and Iraqi, and used several anti-Arab slurs during the attack, which witnesses described as "savage.
The 4th Circuit found that although he made offensive remarks around both men and women, his gender-specific slurs indicated an intention to demean women.
A letter complaining about slurs hardly warrants such a tirade about 'fanaticism' and references to the fish market.
The racial slurs uttered by Michael Richards pale in comparison to the language used on Russell Simmon's ``Def Comedy Jam'' on HBO.
Inconsistencies in the indication of crossed slurs offer one particular example, but a broader difficulty relates to the separate-category treatment of movements within the critical commentary.