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Yet even in his fear, Tanizaki appears full of slyness, self-deprecation, and nuance, as he engages the overbearing present.
Pardo is concerned with context, to be sure, but he is likewise intrigued by the shopworn notion of intentionality, which he radicalizes with characteristic slyness.
Mathie's mix of piety and wickedness is superbly balanced in her unnerving silences and beatific smiles, and in the mischievous slyness with which she offers the titillating tapes.
He does tell us, with no evident slyness, that "ecphrastic poems purport to speak up for the silent picture, to make it speak out in some way.
Diana's defence against any charges of slyness is that the visit is purely private.
Nearly 80 years old, Carter wielded his alto sax and trumpet with the same combination of wit, charm, supple lyricism and rhythmic slyness that made him, along with Duke Ellington's altoist, Johnny Hodges, a model for players during the Swing era.
Even when this cool character is provoked into uncharacteristic outbursts of anger or bitterness--for example, when he is subtly antagonized by a vaguely anti-Semitic German art scholar, played with kittenish slyness by Ana Reeder (in a role that provided Linney with one of her first big breaks)--Shenkman's Jonathan registers little beyond a whiny irritation.
As for the guile, the slyness, the pleasing cynicism in the singer's voice--he gets to keep that.
The slyness shown in the second episode could be "Family's" bread and butter.
Glowna's world-weary slyness is a fine counterbalance, and the rest of the cast succeeds in underscoring not only the rather refreshing passion of the movement but also the naive youth of its members.
Though they tend to emphasize form over content, theirs is a style playfully post-modern and determinedly upbeat, a slyness evocative of early Almodovar, and with enough raw energy to make all the talk of a "new wave" more than just marketing rhetoric.
Choice of Armand Assante as Ithaca's King Odysseus turns out satisfactorily; he looks distinguished and worthy despite being used at every turn, even if his version lacks the dash, the slyness and charisma of the ideal Odysseus.