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Wild sweeping statements, comparing smacking to shouting, receiving the strap at school etc.
The former social worker and Cardiff University academic said the simplest way to change the law on smacking is to have a single piece of legislation to remove the defence of "reasonable punishment".
Mr Craig cited the results of the Curia Market Research in 2012 in which respondents were asked if smacking should be a reasonable form of correcting children's behaviour.
Parents were surveyed about smacking when their children were three and five years old.
Unite/CPHVA Lead Professional Officer, Obi Amadi said smacking children is 'unacceptable' whatever the relation to the youngster.
There probably aren't many of us who, as children, haven't been the recipient of a smack from our parents now and then, and more than a few will still admit to using smacking to discipline our own children.
Legally, mild smacking is permitted so long as it doesn't cause bruising, swelling, cuts or grazes to the child.
The plain-speaking MP for Tottenham said parents were scared of smacking their children because they feared being labelled abusers, and having their kids taken away, by social workers.
Now the Royal College of Paediatrics has said smacking should be banned because of the risk 'today's smack will become tomorrow's punch', arguing for some it's an 'easy option'.
MP for Tottenham David Lammy claimed Labour's 2004 decision to tighten up the smacking law was partly to blame for last summer's riots, which erupted in his north London constituency.
Justin Gibson, prosecuting, said the smacking incident happened on March 5 when the boy was left in the care of Malcolm and another man while his mum went out.
CRIME in Britain could be cut if parents stop smacking their kids, says a GERMAN expert.