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It's important that DoD seeks out ideas from small businesses, Krieg said, since they make up such a large portion of the U.
Both the PCPS Executive Committee and the PCPS Technical Issues Committee (TIC), collaborating with the AICPA professional standards team, regularly review and comment on guidance that affects small firms and their clients.
The movement towards small schools--also called small learning communities--marks a reverse in the course of American education over the last half century.
aureus small colony variants have been implicated in persistent and recurrent infections that give a poor clinical and bacteriologic response to standard antimicrobial therapy in patients with abscess, chronic osteomyelitis, and bronchopulmonary infections, particularly after prolonged exposure to antibiotics (1-6).
Republicans, however, refute the conclusion of the report which, among other things, claims the Bush administration chose to pursue pro-big business agendas over those favoring small enterprise.
An essential feature of a thriving small business sector is the ability of firms to start up, to grow, and to change ownership.
Only one-third of Internet-enabled small businesses has a home page, but intentions are high.
But in fact, shares of small and midsize companies have been in a slump for the past 18 months, and have had a spotty record since 1982.
The Office of Advocacy of the Small Business Administration (SBA) has established an information-dispersing system, called ACENet.
By integrating text, video, lecture, and skills practice, the ARC Small Craft Safety course provides individuals, such as camp personnel and trip leaders, with information and skills necessary to prevent, recognize, and respond to small craft emergencies.
He even appealed to small companies in his big health-care speech: "These rising |health-care~ costs are a special nightmare for our small businesses--the engine of our entrepreneurship and our job creation in America today.
The current decline in interest rates also may bode well for small caps.