small cavity

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It was a small cavity under ten feet of water; but I think that I can warrant the pond not to need soldering till they find a worse leak than that.
The seal became trapped on November 5 after it is believed she made her way under the seawall boulders and dropped down into a small cavity, from which she could not escape.
Small cavity preparation, caries, and restorative removal 3.
In addition, as similar to some available cleft palate bench models,[sup][3],[4] our simulator was developed to facilitate trainees' acquiring of cleft palate repair skills, including operating in a small cavity, poor depth perception, awkward angles, limited access, poor visualization, fragile soft tissue, delicate tissue handling, small flaps, in-depth suturing, simultaneous access by the trainee surgeon and the assistant faculty, and the use of the operating microscope.
Smith and Brooker showed the technique of making small mastoid cavity compared to large cavity after modified radical mastoidectomy, but there was no difference in frequency of discharge between large and small cavity.
This decay can range from a small cavity to a root canal to a crown, all in an attempt to keep the primary teeth functioning and also maintain good aesthetics.
By choosing the size and location of the holes, researchers can control the properties of the light traveling through the crystal, even creating a small cavity where photons can get trapped and bounce around.
Contract awarded for Public car park building construction paper using a small cavity
Postoperative retrograde urethrogram injected using 200 cc of dilute contrast at supraphysiologic pressures demonstrates persistence of a small cavity behind the posterior urethra, but no direct tract between the urethra and this cavity.
Going to the dentist for a small cavity to be filled can be a "pain" to worry about, (no pun intended
A small cavity can be filled with a filling by a dentist," Dr Mansoor said.
There it lay, undisturbed, until 1994, when Jean-Marie Chauvet and two other explorers discovered a small cavity with a faint draught in a cliff face.