small parcel of land

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A bit of territory has been left under the control of the militant groups in Qalamoun mountains, actually; in fact, al-Nusra Front and the ISIL still control a small parcel of land in Jaroud Rankous (Southern Qalamoun) and another part of land in Jaroud Qarah (Northern Qalamoun).
However, trustees of the registered charity will hold an extraordinary meeting on October 3 to decide whether to finally relent and sell a small parcel of land in Shottery to developers Bloor And Hallam Land Management.
26m x 4m Small triangular parcel of land 32sqm at south east corner of Nile Street 27sqm thin strip of land south west of 23 Richmond Street Small parcel of land approx.
Louis where they coax 70 varieties of specialty cut flowers from a small parcel of land.
The City has purchased a small parcel of land adjacent to the park that will allow the City to move forward with the daylighting of the Coe Branch which runs through the park.
He adds: "Within a small parcel of land adjacent to All Saints Church, Liverpool's oldest church, you will find 'Bloody Acre', a headache for local historians and delight for the ghost hunter.
Oliver Childs, of Lambert Smith Hampton, said: "It's a small parcel of land, just under three quarters of an acre.
By the early 1870s, they were given a small parcel of land to settle in exchange for their entitled return passage to India.
In addition, the tour provided the Commissioners an opportunity to see a less-traditional agricultural operation that takes place on a relatively small parcel of land.
Always in love with the idea of being a cowboy, Tyson bought a small parcel of land near Toronto where he specialized in cutting horses.
The building will be constructed on a small parcel of land adjacent to a school, bank and office buildings and in the middle of the city.
Properties on offer will range from a period home in Beaumaris with a guide price of pounds 250,000 to a small parcel of land in Merthyr Tydfil with a guide of pounds 7,000.

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