small parcel of land

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If we talk of marginal farmers, among them are the vegetable farmers tending only a small parcel of land to produce vegetables,' he said, adding that VICSMin already prepared a resolution for vegetables' inclusion in PLEA.
The Heathway initiative will be based on a formerly under-used site owned by Durham County Council and a small parcel of land owned by County Durham Housing Group.
It was really nothing more than a small parcel of land where people met to conduct their daily trade dealings.
Since then the road has been stopped up, leaving a small parcel of land at the head of the cul-de-sac, which happened sometime after 2002.
Joseph Ireri sits on a large rock under the baking hot sun looking out on the small parcel of land that has given him a path back from the brink.
Bunnings general manager, Andrew Marks, said,"Bunnings can confirm it purchased a small parcel of land to facilitate the future expansion of Bunnings Warehouse Ballina.
A further small parcel of land has been retained which has future development potential.
However, trustees of the registered charity will hold an extraordinary meeting on October 3 to decide whether to finally relent and sell a small parcel of land in Shottery to developers Bloor And Hallam Land Management.
Vargas was installed last year to a small parcel of land at a sugarcane plantation in Negros Occidental province after she personally received a promise from President Aquino in a meeting with farmers in Malacanang in 2013.
26m x 4m Small triangular parcel of land 32sqm at south east corner of Nile Street 27sqm thin strip of land south west of 23 Richmond Street Small parcel of land approx.
By the early 1870s, they were given a small parcel of land to settle in exchange for their entitled return passage to India.
In addition, the tour provided the Commissioners an opportunity to see a less-traditional agricultural operation that takes place on a relatively small parcel of land.

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