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That is the sort of petty, small-minded attitude that is not going to help Scotland or the UK progress.
I hope it is just a group of small-minded people who are making it newsworthy at the moment and it can be properly stamped out.
He's not the accused but he's had to sit there and take abuse, which is very disappointing, from some small-minded people who don't see what effect that has.
IT is that time of year again when some small-minded people complain about the staff in our rubbish collection department.
Fatuous, immature, small-minded, spitefulness of these people.
DIDN'T you smile at the small-minded snobbishness of new Edgbastonians and their new money who professed shock that discount chain Aldi planned to set up a shop beside Warwickshire Cricket Ground?
IN RESPONSE to Mr & Mrs Brooksbank-Pearcy and Mr Thompson who oppose funeral pyres (Voice of the North, February 26&19), I am sure that there are also a large number of Newcastle and Northumberland residents who do not share their small-minded views.
Fortunately for all of us, those views are outdated and only in the heads of small-minded, ignorant people.
I was very upset last September when the Programme for Adult Education was delivered and I realised what a wholesale destruction of the service had been carried out to the god of bean-counters and small-minded people of little vision.
Luckily, most kids aren't so small-minded and mean-spirited.
Put aside most of the rest of TV: The answer is, right here; result -- small-minded world.
This is enough to keep them out of public schools, but not out of the hearts of the millions of young people who love Harry Potter and despise the small-minded Dursleys, who ride with Harry on the train to Hogwarts, cheer for him as he leads his quidditch team to victory, stand alongside him as he challenges the forces of evil, and pray that he survives the violent confrontation with Lord Voldemort that inevitably lies ahead.