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Cordell Spencer had been convicted of three small-time drug offenses before his arrest in Washington, D.
Kidnapping or murder suspects are allowed to make plea bargains, but why are small-time drug suspects not allowed to do the same?
Gardai were probing possible motives for the cold-blooded killing but admitted that the victim's small-time involvement in crime had them baffled.
But wait till you see her in the upcoming indie film Prey for Rock and Roll, based on out rocker Cheri Lovedog's autobiographical play about a small-time rock bandleader facing 40.
Especially notable is the voice he creates for Gandolph, a homeless small-time crook.
A small-time criminal with a lengthy record who has spent almost his entire life in Canada is being deported to the UK, Canadian authorities said yesterday.
The bizarreness of our national political machinations, the Iran-Contra charade in The Last Thing He Wanted, is not just linked to but made up by so-called small-time (your private life is small-time) wheelings and dealings - which is why the main action or nonaction revolves around not governmental offices but nondescript hotels.
Well before the national press caught on, Trudeau broke the story nationally that Brett Kimberlin, a small-time dealer who said he sold pot to Dan Quayle, was given unusually stiff punishment by federal prison officials and kept from speaking publicly.
Steve Buscemi stars as "Les Galantine," a small-time celebrity photographer aching to take just one great picture.
According to the alliance, around 24,000 small-time fishermen will be affected if all fish pens in the freshwater lake are removed.
Ten years ago, most marijuana growers were adult users and small-time dealers with a few plants in their closet or backyard.
Brown has a loveless love affair with the wife of a small-time South American ambassador.